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Losing motivation

Hey guys, I figured I would have a quick chat about something that I struggle with all of the time with music. That is, losing motivation. Motivation is the key to learning and practicing and getting better. But why should you learn and practice and get better? This is a question I ask myself constantly. […]

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New Year, New Music!

We’re back and the new year brings with it the chance for new music. What are you playing? What are you learning? What are you writing? Whatever it is, we want to hear it! Upload your videos and show the world what you are doing in 2018. As for me, I’m really excited to push […]

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Tools of the Trade

To kick off this blog, I thought we would discuss the things used to make pretty (and sometimes, not so pretty) sounds, the tools of the trade, a musicians best friend. The instruments. Instruments can be a source of inspiration, they can be an outlet, they can be a form of communication. I know that […]

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