Tools of the Trade

To kick off this blog, I thought we would discuss the things used to make pretty (and sometimes, not so pretty) sounds, the tools of the trade, a musicians best friend. The instruments.

Instruments can be a source of inspiration, they can be an outlet, they can be a form of communication. I know that I personally use my instruments to communicate what I am feeling at any particular moment. Other people use it for different reasons and that is the beauty of music. There is no right and wrong way.

Obviously, there are loads and loads of different types of instruments. There are percussion instruments, woodwind, brass, strings. Whatever it is you play, you are a musician. Guitar, piano, flute, drums, vocals, bass, cello, violin. It doesn’t matter, as long as you are making some noise. As a musician you are adding to the collective art of the world. Even if you just play covers, your cover is unique and individual. So share it with the world! Show everyone your interpretation. Show people how well you are progressing. Show people your passion.

I would really like this blog to be interactive. Tell me what you think. What instrument do you play? Why do you play it? How long have you been playing? What sort of things do you play? What do you feel when you play? Leave your comments below and let me know! Upload your own video to MusicTube and show me! I’m so excited to meet you all (virtually) and for us to help each other as musicians!

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  • Alec Shaw 5 years ago

    I’ve been playing guitar for about 12 years now. Although to be honest there have been times when I haven’t touched it for a long while. I play a bit of everything. I love acoustic stuff like Tommy Emmanuel. I also love stuff like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Although I almost always end up going back to the classics like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin.
    I’ve also been trying to teach myself a bit of piano! The progress is very slow…

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