Losing motivation

Hey guys,

I figured I would have a quick chat about something that I struggle with all of the time with music. That is, losing motivation.

Motivation is the key to learning and practicing and getting better. But why should you learn and practice and get better? This is a question I ask myself constantly. Chances are, I’ll never ‘make it’ as a professional musician. I’ll never be as good as people like Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. So why should I bother to continue?

It even happens with new instruments. For example, I’m trying to teach myself piano and I just start thinking – “Why am I learning this on piano? I could play it ten times better on guitar”…

Do you get these sort of questions and feelings popping up in your musical life?

Well we need to stop it!

I may not become a professional musician but I enjoy playing music. I love it because it allows me to be creative, I get to explore new things, learn new things and express myself in ways not possible without music.

So we need to keep pushing. Push through that motivation barrier and make the most of it. A trick that I like to use is to play a song that I know really, really well. I’ll put it on in the background and just play along. I’ll play my heart out and because I know the song so well I can play around with it and have some fun. That fun is my kickstart. I suddenly remember why I play at all. Because I like it.

If any of you guys have any other motivation tricks and tips, let us know in the comments!

Till next time 🙂

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