BRADFORD BUSKER (Frankie Porter Sings “The Candle” (© 2018 Frankie Porter) Full Version (2)

Published on March 2, 2019 by Derek Oldfield

“Frankie Porter” Creates A Soothing Atmosphere As He Sings The Full Version Of His Song “The Candle” This Song Was Written And Composed By Frankie, “The Candle” (© 2018 Frankie Porter). Credits Info:Split Audio/Calming Waters/NCH/Software/3d/Apple/Windows

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  • S SS
    S SS 4 weeks ago

    Such Talent !!

    Great soothing voice, great guitar playing and great song writing. Britain Got Talent is missing a winner !!

    • Derek Oldfield
      Derek Oldfield 3 weeks ago

      Hi $ $$, Frankie asks me to thank you for your comment. 🙂

      • S SS
        S SS 3 weeks ago

        Hi Derek,

        Thank Frankie for his awesome contributions; and thank you for uploading them to our site. Your video production is really great.

        When the site is finished and takes off, we will not forget your loyalty and contributions and will keep your videos on top. We will also help you monetize your music exclusively for yourself.

        Thanks also for telling others about this site.

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