BRADFORD BUSKER (Frankie Porter) Sings “They Remind Me Too Much Of You”

Published on February 14, 2019 by S SS

derek oldfield
Published on Feb 11, 2019
“Frankie Porter” Sings a Beautiful Song On A Cold Winters Day, “They Remind Me Too Much of You”, a lovely Cover by “Frankie Porter”, this 1963 hit for “Elvis Presley” was written by “Don Robertson” Credits Info:split audio/bliss kissing/NCH VideoPad/WavePad/3d/Apple/Windows Facebook: Frankie Porter – Musician

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  • S SS
    S SS 4 years ago

    Sorry mate, I hit the van before you and didn’t leave a Penny.

    You just have to upload awesome music.

    Many talented Buskers at that Center, particularly Frankie. His voice is really fit to soft music.

  • Derek Oldfield
    Derek Oldfield 4 years ago

    $ $$ Well I followed that van, and after he parked, (late at night) I looked inside, and there wasn’t a penny/dime, Oh Well Frankie will just have to keep on singing for his supper

  • S SS
    S SS 4 years ago

    Heh, I wonder if Frankie glanced behind him and a quick thought went through his head “Shit, they’re coming for me!?” Either a truckload of money or arrested for being an awesome singer.

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