Spark – the Classical Band [Trailer]

Published on December 5, 2018 by S SS

Spark – the Classical Band [Trailer]

Producer: Thomas Feith

Line Producer (Concert): dropout-films

Director of Photography:
Philip Matoušek,
Paul Spengemann,
Max Sänger,
Nils Keber

Sound: Piotr Furmanczyk

Edit: Goenk SPARK

Andrea Ritter,
Daniel Koschitzki

Violin: Stefan Glaus
Cello: Victor Plumettaz
Piano: Mischa Cheung

Music by:
Johannes Motschmann
Kamran Ince
Michael Nyman
Chiel Meijering
Jonne Valtonen
Daniel Koschitzki
Victor Plumettaz

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