Of Divinity – Burial Grounds Music Video

Published on January 15, 2018 by Greg S

Third single “Burial Grounds” off our debut EP “Lifeless”

Lifeless EP FREE DOWNLOAD: https://ofdivinity.bandcamp.com/releases

Of Divinity:

Shot & Edited by Greg Sher:
for Vokta Digital Media & Music Videos

Makeup by Callie Damalas

Mixed and mastered by Aaron Beale @ Parallel Recording & Live Sound

Death please take my hand and promise to never let it go again
For I’ve seen the waste lands in the eyes of man
Consequences of baring witness to the birth and destruction of a once great innocence
They can’t take you away from me
and it cant be this way
but my hands are tied and time is slowly slipping away

God how could you do this to me
give me the choice to burn or watch my family bleed
it makes me sick to think that every option leads to suffering
and i swore to you that i would never let you down
but my promise was as fragile as the safety that we found
castle walls built on broken grounds

If home is where the heart is
would there be a pulse among the ruins
I risked it all for your chance to dream
a broken family in a city cemetery

Do I bare the weight of the dead and gone
or sever the ties and just simply move on

they cant take you from me

the worlds pushing down on my chest
I’ve brought life into this world and i’ll lay it to rest

slowly as the air goes thick the light in my child’s eyes begin to vanish
was there anything more i could have done
to stop my wife from breathing blood

i will not witness their rebirth in death
i would rather die a thousand times than see them become this

there was no farewells, there was no goodbyes, i murdered them all

as i watch the light leave from your eyes for the second time tonight
there was no farewells, i never got to say goodbye, there were no goodbyes
there were no farewells, there were no goodbyes

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